No Fear

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Looking back over the past 6 weeks it’s amazing how quickly the world can change. While we are all still in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis we, individually and as a community, should not succumb to the fears and the fear mongering of our 24/7 news cycle.

But we don’t need to be afraid. Years ago I taught my children a simple equation, E+R=O, that they could use throughout life. In the equation E stands for events. Events happen and they are out of our control. If we focus on the event, wishing the event away or hoping it will magically change, we will forever be in an anxious state. R stands for response. When events happen we can choose our responses to those events. Our response is what we have control over. And finally O stands for outcome.

While we cannot control events, we can control our responses to those events and thus alter the equation so that we can get a different outcome. By controlling our responses we are no longer victims to the event and can alter our future outcomes in a positive way. We often preach about washing hands, wearing masks, and social distancing which are all good responses but perhaps not the whole of what we can do.

What I’m going to encourage everyone to do is to also, and more importantly, focus on the inside. How can we boost our immune system so it can effectively fight the COVID-19 virus if we are to encounter it? This is where we get back to being healthy. In short order, here’s my list of some things to consider to boost and strengthen the immune system: Adequate sleep, exercise, proper hydration, vegetable based diet, vitamin C, vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin B12, and daily supplementation with Biocidin LSF and Colloidal Silver.

A quick study of the statistics shows a vast majority of people dying from COVID-19 are already in very poor health. We can choose today to change that! Have no fear!
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