Peripheral Neuropathy

Numbness and tingling that isn’t associated with a limb “going to sleep” is worrisome as it indicates a nerve-related issue is occurring.

Darin W. Stokke, DC

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Dr. Darin Stokke treats peripheral neuropathy naturally and without the negative side effects.

The expert chiropractic care offered by Dr. Darin Stokke at Lifestyles Healthcare Group in Fort Myers, Florida treats peripheral neuropathy naturally and without the negative side effects that come with medications.

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What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a term that describes damage to the peripheral nerves, which send information from the brain and central nervous system to the rest of the body.

Many describe the pain they feel from peripheral neuropathy as stabbing, burning, or tingling. If you have peripheral neuropathy, you may notice you have weakness, pain, or numbness in your hands or feet.

Each type of nerve in the peripheral system serves a different purpose, so the symptoms you experience depend on the location of the damage. Sensory nerves, for example, receive sensations from vibration, touch, pain, and temperature, while motor nerves control muscle movement. Autonomic nerves control heart rate, digestion, blood pressure, and your bladder.

If peripheral neuropathy affects your sensory nerves, you might notice you have an extreme sensitivity to touch. Those who have peripheral neuropathy that affects the motor nerves might have a lack of coordination or muscle weakness. Peripheral neuropathy that affects the autonomic nerves causes heat intolerance, changes in blood pressure, or bowel or digestive issues.

What causes peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy can be a result of alcoholism or vitamin deficiency. Diabetes, certain autoimmune diseases, and infection contribute to the onset of peripheral neuropathy, as well.

Other possible causes of peripheral neuropathy include:

How does a chiropractor treat peripheral neuropathy?

Dr. Stokke uses a class 4 deep tissue laser to reduce pain and discomfort and promote healing of the nerves.

He also uses spinal decompression because it has the potential to take pressure off the nerves in the spinal cord and allow any nerve damage to heal. The procedure consists of Dr. Stokke placing you on a traction table that gently pulls your spine.

Another option in Dr. Stokke’s arsenal is vibration therapy, which consists of him placing a device that vibrates in the areas where you’re experiencing pain or other symptoms. The vibrations improve circulation and increase nerve firings. Other possible treatments include supplements for vitamin deficiencies, chiropractic adjustments, and exercise therapy.

If you have any symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and are in the Fort Myers area, you should contact Dr. Stokke for an appointment with an expert in chiropractic care who can reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

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Darin W. Stokke, DC

President of Lifestyles Healthcare Group

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