Trigger Point Injections

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What Are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger point injections are a pain relieving treatment based on trigger point therapy. It involves the injection of an anti-inflammatory compound and anesthetic to break up the small bits of scar tissue that build up in the muscles and cause chronic stiffness and pain. The injection of a small amount of fluid helps to relax the muscle and stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Trigger point injections are helpful to people who suffer from chronically stiff and painful necks and backs. They may find relief following a massage or chiropractic adjustment, but the tightness and achy muscles return within a few days. This is because the massage or other treatment merely relieved the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause of the muscle knots. The goal of trigger point injection treatment is to help relieve not only aching muscles and pain but to help the body to heal the underlying condition causing the pain.

Do Trigger Point Injections Hurt?

The injections are made with a very thin needle and include a small amount of lidocaine, which provides relief to the minor pinch associated with injections. Most of the patients at Lifestyles Healthcare Group report very little discomfort at all during treatment. However, since the purpose of the injection is to break down scar tissue and tightness within the muscle, some patients experience tenderness in the days following treatment as the achy muscles heal and the knots break up.

Will Additional Treatment Be Necessary?

In most cases, patients who have trigger point injections also benefit from postural correction and physical therapy. A combination of treatments helps to address the pain, allow the muscles to heal and retrain the body to stay in correct postural alignment. Often muscle knots are caused by poor posture from sitting at a desk all day or looking down at a phone or tablet all day. If you suffer from a chronically stiff and sore neck or back, make an appointment with the clinicians at Lifestyles Healthcare Group.

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