How Active Ft. Myers Area Adults Who Want To STAY That Way
- Regardless of Age -
Can Regain Their Lifestyle Without Pain

Discover what many are now calling the
Biggest Single Health Breakthrough in the 21st Century.

His revolutionary integrative process can help you recover your once active lifestyle fast! This process is designed to require NO drugs and NO surgery.

Through this integrated regenerative medicine treatment plan, results can be achieved in as little as a few short weeks without masking your symptoms with powerful drugs or the pain of post operation therapy.

"Very friendly staff and the doctor has really helped me with my back pain, as well as with my fibromyalgia. So glad that I went." - Misty L.

If This sounds like You Or Someone You Know:

Then you've come to the right place.

Dr. Stokke has been where you are and wants to help you get relief from your chronic pain.

Process & What To Expect

Here the doctor describes how the process works, what you can expect during the treatment process, and how this is different from other pain relief solutions you may have tried.

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Shark Tank Star Interview

Dr. Stokke was recently interviewed by Original Shark Kevin Harrington about regenerative medicine and this groundbreaking integrative treatment program.

Why This Program?

Here Dr. Stokke describes his motivation for making these treatments available to as many people as possible.

Treatment Success Stories

Here is just one of the doctor's most memorable treatment successes in his own words.

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Dr. Darin Stokke, DC
Rehabilitation Specialist & Chiropractor

Carolyn Messere, MD
Medical Doctor

Floyd Meyer, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant

How You Can Get The Help You Need Now:

As you can see from these videos, Dr. Stokke, and the team at Lifestyles Healthcare, is extremely determined to get the word out to everyone in the Fort Myers area. They have set aside a special block of immediate Priority Appointments specifically for this purpose.

During your appointment you’ll receive an in-depth intake session and evaluation to determine if you qualify for the program, along with a doctor consultation to answer any of your questions and discuss treatment options.

These appointments are normally only $250 for the entire exam and consultation.

This special offer has reduced the already low consultation fee to only
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“They are truly heaven sent…”

Dr. Stokke, Susie and the Lifestyle Healthcare Group have literally been the healing touch associated with my son’s muscle movement issues. They are truly heaven sent and as a mother, I am forever grateful for Dr. Stokke’s medical knowledge and their combined compassion.

Renee G.



“…on my way to my best me.”

Great, relaxing and safe environment! Staff were welcoming and listened to my concerns. They took the time to pinpoint the issue and develop a plan to get me on my way to my best me.

Victor C.



“I don’t want to even think what my body and life would be like without… Lifestyles Healthcare Group”

I have chronic back and neck pain along with fibromyalgia. I don’t want to even think what my body and life would be like without the compassionate and skilled health care services offered through the staff at Lifestyles Healthcare Group.

Tina E.



“… I am better today than I was before the accident!”

… Arthritis had already done damage to my knees and then the auto accident made things even worse. An MRI showed that my neck vertebra had shifted up against the spinal cord and if not treated properly would have required surgery. I thank God for the treatment I’ve received from Lifestyles Healthcare Group. The staff and doctors have worked their magic to such a point that i feel I am better today than I was before the auto accident! In my opinion, they are miracle workers and I have and will continue to tell others about Lifestyles Healthcare Group.

Pat A.



“I only wish I had seen them first…”

After having battled with the aftereffects of two neck surgeries pain levels of 7-8 for 6 months, I decided to try Lifestyles Healthcare Group almost as a last resort. After about 6 weeks the pain level in my arm went down to about a 3-4 and after another 4 weeks I am now virtually pain free… The professionalism of the staff and the commitment to making my treatment effective was exceptional. I would and do recommend them to anyone who is suffering as I was. I only wish that I had seen them first with the surgeon being the last resort.

Mike M.



“… always exceeds my expectations…”

Best in town by far! Lifestyles Healthcare Group always exceeds expectations going above and beyond for every customer. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is prized in today’s world, and keeps me coming back. Thank you Lifestyles for all you do!!

Izzabella B.



“I cannot say enough good things about Lifestyles…”

I cannot say enough good things about Lifestyles, they are kind ,caring and patient. I feel so much better, as a dog groomer for 35 years I was feeling the worst I ever have. I cannot thank everyone there enough for making me feel so much better.”

Lori H.


The Next Pain Relief Success Story Can Be You!

Read This Before Going ANY further:

Why Delaying Is The Worst Solution

Some people choose pain killers and other prescription drugs to get temporary relief which only delays the inevitable outcome of joint and overall physical deterioration.

The longer a condition exists, the more likely it can lead to surgery which normally costs far more than the life changing treatment available.

Surgery can also result in needing drugs during recovery which can have other, unforeseen degenerative effects.

Don’t wait. Taking action now can halt the decline and restore your quality of life.

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A special block of Priority Appointments have been set aside for this special offer. These appointments are available for the reduced price of only $39.00. But, these appointments will go very quickly.

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" They are the best..., I kid you not. Highly recommended! - Vic L.

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